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2020 Program

October 17, 2020, 1:00–5:30 pm PST

Campuswide Program

The FUTURE Ignited Webinar will begin at 1:00 pm PST on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Click on arrows to toggle for more information below.

1:00–1:30 pm

President Thomas Rosenbaum

Provost David Tirrell

Division Chairs:

  • Richard Murray, Chair of Biology & Biological Engineering
  • Dennis Dougherty, Chair of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Guruswami Ravichandran, Chair of Engineering & Applied Science
  • John Grotzinger, Chair of Geological & Planetary Sciences
  • Fiona Harris, Chair of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy

Meeting ID:

1:30–2:30 pm

Is graduate school for me? How do I navigate graduate school as a student of color in STEM? What is Caltech like?


  • Sergio Parra (GPS)
  • Kyle Virgil (CCE)
  • Evan Nunez (PMA)
  • Emma Sosa (GPS)
  • Rebekah Loving (BBE)
  • Daniella Osorio Rodriguez (GPS)
  • Daniel Mukasa (EAS)

Meeting ID:

2:30–3:00 pm

Come learn more about the WAVE program and opportunities for summer undergraduate research at Caltech!

Meeting ID:

Come join Dr. Lilien Voong who will discuss best practices for writing a personal statement for STEM disciplines.

Meeting ID:

3:00–3:30 pm

The Resnick Sustainability Institute (RSI) advances global sustainability through transformational science, engineering, and education. We prioritize research across campus that addresses challenges and opportunities associated with climate change and the stewardship of natural resources. The fundamental insights gained are directed towards implementation and scale-up for real-world impact.

This panel will include a short overview of the RSI, and then include a Q&A with Professor Jess Adkins and graduate students Siraput Jongaramrungruang from ESE and Maureen (Mo) Morla from Chemistry, in which they will share their motivations for working on basic science in pursuit of societal impact in sustainability, and answer your questions.

Meeting ID:

Engineering & Applied Science (EAS) Program

3:30–4:00 pm

"A Day in the Life" and other topics


  • Lucia De Rose, Applied Physics and Materials Science
  • Morgan Hooper, Aerospace
  • Jennifer J. Sun, Computing and Mathematical Sciences
  • Zachery Iton, Applied Physics and Materials Science
  • Kevin Korner, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
  • Victoria Lee, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
  • Heather Lukas, Medical Engineering
  • Emily Palmer, Aerospace
  • Saransh Sharma, Electrical Engineering
  • Jacqueline Tawney, Aerospace

Meeting ID:

4:00–4:30 pm

  • "From Science Fiction to Robotics" - Aaron Ames, Bren Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Control and Dynamical Systems
  • Katie Bouman, Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and Electrical Engineering
  • John Dabiri, Centennial Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering

Meeting ID:

4:30–5:00 pm

Meeting ID:

  • "Introduction and Overview of Bioinspired Design at GALCIT" – Mory Gharib, Hans W. Liepmann Professor of Aeronautics and Bioinspired Engineering; Director, Graduate Aerospace Laboratories
  • "Hypersonics Research at GALCIT" – Joanna Austin, Professor of Aerospace
  • "Space Structures Research at GALCIT" – Sergio Pellegrino, Joyce and Kent Kresa Professor of Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Department Website | Download PDF flyer

Applied Physics and Materials Science
Meeting ID:

Discussion of APhMS graduate program with faculty and alumni.


  • Sandra Troian, Professor of Applied Physics, Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Julia Greer, Professor of Materials Science, Mechanics, and Medical Engineering
  • Ottman Tertuliano, Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University, Caltech Materials Science PhD 2019
  • Prineha Narang, Assistant Professor at Harvard University, Caltech Applied Physics PhD 2015

Department Website | Download PDF flyer | Department Overview Video

Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Meeting ID:
Department Website | Download PDF flyer

Electrical Engineering
Meeting ID:

  • Overview – Victoria Kostina, Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • "Nonlinear Photonics for Sensing and Computing" – Alireza Marandi, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics
  • "Quantum Interconnects" – Mohammad Mirhosseini, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • "Information Theory: A Glimpse into the Future for Technology and Science" – Michelle Effros, George Van Osdol Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • "Computation Over Communication Channels" – Victoria Kostina, Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Q & A

Department Website | Download PDF postcard

Environmental Science and Engineering
View schedule and detailed times on the GPS Future Ignited Website
Department Website | Download PDF flyer

Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Meeting ID:
Department Website | Download PDF flyer

Medical Engineering
Meeting ID:

  • "Research in Medical Engineering" – Yu-Chong Tai, Anna L. Rosen Professor of Electrical Engineering and Medical Engineering; Executive Officer for Medical Engineering
  • "World's Deepest-Penetration and Fastest Optical Cameras" – Lihong Wang, Bren Professor of Medical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • "Skin-interfaced Wearable Biosensors for Personalized Health Monitoring" – Wei Gao, Assistant Professor of Medical Engineering

Department Website | Download PDF flyer

5:00–5:30 pm

Moderated by : Chris Umans, EAS Deputy Chair and Professor of Computer Science


  • Harry Atwater, Howard Hughes Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science
  • Kathy Faber, Simon Ramo Professor of Materials Science
  • Nadia Lapusta, Lawrence A. Hanson, Jr., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Geophysics
  • Beverley McKeon, Theodore von Karman Professor of Aeronautics

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